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 Upcoming Workshops

October 28, 2017 

Join us for the Mixed Media/Collage workshop by Paula Haynes. Hours 10:00am -1:00pm  $40.00 per student Location at ‘Our Place’  790 North Dixie, Suite 900, Elizabethtown, KY  

You will learn techniques and processes to complete a piece of art in 2D. 

Contact Joyce Lupresto for registration at or Paula Haynes at (ph 270-242-4152 

Register and prepay by Oct 16, 2017.  Limited to 20 students.

Registration form  Oct 28, 2017 Paula Haynes Mixed Media Class

   When Both Ends Meet by Paula Haynes

Paula Haynes at Work

Bee by Paula Haynes

Past Workshops

June 17, 2017

Explore Golden products in the morning at a free workshop by Golden Representative, Valerie Allen. After lunch there will be an Encaustic Effect Collage and Recycle Collage Workshop for 65.00 per student.

Golden Poster June 17, 2017

Valerie Allen Collage – Encaustic workshop 6-17-17

Supply list Collage Workshops with Valerie Allen

Golden Reg form June 17, 2017 Classes

August 5, 2017

Discover Printmaking. All materials and tools included. 50.00 per student

Aug 5, 2017 Ken Swinson Class


Paul Jackson Watercolor Workshop  ‘The Allusion of Glass’   August 1-3, 2016   Elizabethtown, KY


2016-Paul-Jackson-workshop 2016-Paul-Jackson-workshop-demo 2016-Paul-Jackson-glass-demo


Portrait Workshop June 22, 2016 conducted by Mary Lou Hall and Jo Friel at Our Place, Elizabethtown, KY


Lawrence Rudolech Oil Painting Demo

Larry’s demo was held March 21, 2015 at ‘Our Place’ in Elizabethtown, KY.


Theresa Shelton Still Life Workshop

Theresa Shelton still life workshop TJ still life CKAG 2014 web

Still Life in Oil by Theresa Shelton May 24, 2014  Was held at the 790 Building in Elizabethtown, KY. She brought in an assortment of vegetables and fruits from the market and arranged 2 setups for students to paint. Theresa showed how to create a box over your still life to block out secondary light sources. She lead the students though the process of painting Alla Prima, getting the whole composition block using thin paint first.


Carol Reesor Oil Painting Workshop

July 20, 2013, Carol Reesor Oil painting Workshop was held at the 790 Bldg Dixie Hwy, Suite 500, Elizabethtown, KY.

Carol brought one of her completed oil  paintings of a sky composition which she reproduced for the class during the demo session. She premixes most of the colors used in the painting. Then does a simple sketch on the canvas before starting to apply paint.

Carol is a professional artist, living in Buffalo, KY. She is a past CKAG President and ‘Artist of the Year’. Her work has won numerous awards and she is represented by several galleries. If you would like to see Carol’s work visit her website at