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Current CKAG Members

* denotes Juried member             
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Name                                   Medium                         Subject

*Blakeman, Phyllis     watercolor, pen & ink            architecture, floral, still life

*Beyerlein, Debra       watercolor, pencil

*Brammer, Charlotte

*Cooper, Rose

*Davis, Chieko              oils, watercolor

*Friel, Jo                      Watercolor                          portraits, architecture and landscapes

Gebler, Janet

*Hall, Elsie R.              pastel, oil, watercolor           old trucks, landscapes

*Hall, Mary Lou        watercolor, pastel                      children, still life, landscape

*Hammett, Thomas    metal – copper repose

Hammett, Vanessa

*Hart, Karen Lou

Hassell, Debbye

*Haynes, Paula            mixed media

Kincaid, Dawn

*Lupresto, Joyce             watercolor, pastel            floral, landscape

*Mathews, Marilyn          pen & ink, watercolor       still life, floral

*Myers, Joseph               graphite                   people, farm equipment

*O’Rear, Elizabeth        www.elizabeth-orear.com   Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic   Animal, Landscape, Still Life

*Parks, Elizabeth             oil                          floral, still life

*Shelton, Theresa       www.theresashelton.com    oil,  landscape, wild life, still life

Wilson, Judie

*Yarbrough, Gwen

Honorary Members

McCoy, Juanita

*Wilkinson, Rebecca     www.rebeccawilkinsonstudio.com

Patron Members